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IBM and Cisco puts a third C in UC

Bo Holterman from IBM Denmark is coming to the ISBG spring seminar and will talk about the partnership between Cisco and IBM. Oh, and he also tells you what he will be buying in the bar when it's his round.

1) Tell us about your lecture. What will it be about, and who is it for?

IBM as market leader in cloud Social and Cognitive and Cisco as market leader in cloud UC has teamed up, and are now delivering a integrated offering of cloud, cognitive, Social collaboration and UC - wall to wall.
This lecture will give an overview of the partnership, the solution brought to the market and offer future statements for the alliance going forward. Targett audience is sales and architect level

2) Why has IBM and Cisco partnered up?

Cisco and IBM have combined their market-leading strengths to transform how you get work done, by using open cloud and advanced collaboration tools and applications to enhance business communications, to help you become more productive and efficient. By teaming up, customers and partners have a choice to select best of breed and yet an integrated offering.

3) Why should people attend user groups like ISBG?

Learning and sharing - with focus ;-)

4) What are your thoughts on Unified Communcation for the future?

One key trend is the change of traditional UC to Cognitive UC - where cognitive capabiliites will be used to make UC more productive with the user type in focus.

5) What role will cognitive and Watson play when it comes to UC?

As stated - Cognitive UC is the new black, we will see cognitive streamline UC and improve productivity, one good example is Watson filtering mails, tasks etc, proposing participations, finding relevant content, all to make our daily worklife simpler, essentially IBM watson being able to content and context assist.

And now the important questions:

Favourite food: Gourmet burger - with a beer

Favourite music: The genre Rock/Heavy

Personal motto: "Be the change you want to see in the world"

What is your favourite part of ISBG: Collaboration with peers

You're buying the next round at the bar, what is your poison of choice:
Uh, thats easy - A dark Ale or double Bock Paulaner Salvator as a good example on draft..

Favorite pastime:  Fottball, playing and watching good football

Thanks, Bo! We are really looking forward to seeing you in Oslo!

Bo is just one of many good speakers coming to the ISBG spring seminar in Oslo June 7th and 8th. Check out our agenda and register now!