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- Collaboration are the relationships that are made

MacGuidera is one of the key note speakers at ISBG this year. Here he tells you why YOU should attend in Oslo on June 7th and 8th.

1) Why do you think people should attend user group meetings?

One of the most exciting aspects of working with collaboration software are the relationships that are made. Frankly, they don’t happen enough, and for the people who are yet to make the trip out to San Francisco, those opportunities have not emerged at scale at the local level.

2) Tell us about your presentation and what it will be about? Who will benefit from it?

Anyone interested in cognitive collaboration will benefit from this session. I'll be showing the latest from IBM and demonstrate how our offerings can make work easier.

3) What do you think the future is for cognitive and Watson?

Watson is the ultimate in taking noise and organizing it into data we can use to do our jobs better.

4) What do you think the future for ICS will be?

IBM Collaboration Solutions gives focus on what matters most and prioritization that helps reduce your collaboration noise

5) How would you describe IBM Verse for someone who have never tried it?

IBM Verse helps people quickly find and focus on what is most important, empowering them to build stronger working relationships trough their Inbox.

Thanks, Mac! Looking forward to seeing you in Oslo June 7th and 8th